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IndexNow - Instantly Index your web content in Search Engines

 IndexNow New initiative by Microsoft and Yandex to push content to search engines.  Easy to use protocol that websites can call to notify Bing whenever website contents on any URL is updated or created allowing instant crawling, and discovery of the URL. They work together. If you use the Bing method, then both Bing and Yandex (or other participating search engines) will get the update. You do not need to submit to both Bing and Yandex’s URLs, you just need to pick one and all search engines that are part of this initiative will pick up on the change. Microsoft and Yandex announced a new initiative named IndexNow, a protocol that any search engine can participate in to enable site owners to have their pages and content instantly indexed by the search engine. Currently, Microsoft Bing and Yandex are the two search engines fully participating in the initiative but others are welcome to adopt this open protocol. IndexNow allows “websites to easily notify search engines whenever their web