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Professional Web Solutions Services

Web Design & SEO Services in Aruba JunTech Web Solutions  was established in 2005 by  Juny Engelhart , an experienced freelance graphic and website designer working with small businesses to help achieve their business and marketing goals by offering professional graphic and web design services under one roof. We work very closely with all of our clients to provide them with a top-quality website design. We are a small but dedicated team, all our services processes are continuously improving to offer the best quality service. At JunTech Web Solutions, the goal is to successfully express your marketing message in a way that will engage your customers both visually and effectively. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, the better we know you, the better we can understand your needs. With our Web Design Services for a very reasonable price, you can enjoy the personal attention, advice and expertise that you would expect to pay big bucks for. We want your websi

See what your users want - with Microsoft Clarity

See what your users want - with Clarity. Replay user sessions and explore heatmaps to make your website work better for your customers and your business, for free. Clarity is easy to implement and customize. There is no significant impact on the loading speed of websites and data is available to analyze within 30 minutes after installation.  The tool also utilizes Artificial intelligence and machine learning features to understand users’ behavior on the website. It is also GDPR and CCPA Compliant. The data recorded is stored in Microsoft Azure and is available to watch again up to 12 months after recording. Built to grow with your business Clarity can scale to support even the largest websites. We process more than 1 petabyte of data from over 100 million users per month. And Clarity won't get in the way of your site's performance. Insights Zero in on what matters. Find interesting user sessions and root out problems like clicks that go nowhere, rage clicks, and excessive scrol

JunTechPC Aruba -SEO services to help websites achieve higher rankings

Take a look at the SEO Services we offer! SEO services to help websites achieve higher rankings We Make sure that SEO is incorporated into your web design process right from the start. One of the most critical aspects of website optimization is search engine optimization (SEO). The technique not only focuses on getting various pages of your website to rank high in the SERPs for specific keywords but enables prospects to find your brand in the easiest possible manner.  Need help with your SEO? Schedule a phone call today and tell us about your business. We would love to discuss your project and help you optimize your website for more traffic, sales, and conversion. We want to learn as much as we can about you so we can put together a custom SEO strategy designed specifically to meet your business goals.