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What Is Image SEO? - Optimize Images for Google Image Search

Image SEO and Optimization What Is Image SEO? We enjoy high valuable content for our pages, image optimization is still an important factor in SEO for helping your site rank higher. Google loves pages with images, because so do users. Visual search technology has improved a lot. Though search engine bots have become smarter, they still cannot read the content of any image. They rely on the text associated with the image to figure out what the image is about. Image SEO is optimizing an image so that search engines can understand what the image is about. It includes but not limited to reducing image file size, proper naming of image, using intuitive ALT tag, and adding structured data to the image. The ultimate aim of search optimization is to offer users a seamless experience. So, image optimization also includes improving user experience of your images. Use an Unique Image for Your Site Is your image reflecting the content of your post? Don’t just add images of from the stock photo you