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WordPress (Dynamic Web Design) vs Static Web Design (pre-built pages)

Different Types of Website Design There are many ways to create a website, but they all come down to two fundamental types –  Static and Dynamic websites . Each type of website serves a specific purpose. Why I prefer a static website instead of a dynamic website With a static site, it’s inherently reliable, fast and secure. They’re more efficient than their server-rendered counterparts since they can be purely served off a CDN. You get less bandwidth costs and immense scalability with static. I personally love creating a static website for a client. There is no admin area to exploit into. There is no database to pwn, there is no login page to brute force. This, to me, is a huge relief and a problem I’m very happy not to have to deal with.  If your website doesn’t change that often and all the features you need can be implemented with a Static Site, I would most certainly opt for this. The tools in recent years have helped alleviate most of pain points of the past allowing us to enjoy t