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In-Depth Technical SEO Audit of Your Site

In-Depth Technical SEO Audit of Your Site A website audit is the first step in understanding your current website and how it's performing. A website audit is a process of assessing a website on various parameters that contribute to its search engine ranking and user experience. Our technical audit service is geared towards the combination of common and not so common issues. Once completed, the SEO audit will provide a definitive ‘To-Do’ list of how to increase your website rankings but please keep in mind that search engines consistently update search algorithms that impact your website placement. What do I need an SEO Audit for? SEO audits have the potential to help you kickstart the right SEO strategy for your business, whatever stage of maturity your business may be at. Although you may feel that your website is well optimized an SEO audit could reveal the one critical issue that’s holding your website from doing yet better. The goal is to help you avoid time and money wasted in